Moms, Cocolatte Pockit can be your bestfriend when travelling with your little ones! You can carry it on the plane and fits in the overhead compartment.

You can also carry Pockit on the bus, car and train.. Yes, it is hassle free and easy to store!

The difference of the CL688 Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Pockit is that this version comes with headrest.


- Every Pockit comes with a bag/backpack

- We rent you the stroller based on the availibility on the color option

Retail Price IDR 1.573.000
1 week rent IDR 89.000
2 or 3 week rent IDR 85.000 /Week
4 week or more rent IDR 80.000 /Week
Monthly rent IDR 320.000


- Very lightweight, stylish, compact and easy to fold

- Suitable for babies 6 months - 3 years

- Foldable canopy

- Folded Size 38 x 19 x 33cm

- Weight 4.4kg

- Can carry up to 20Kg

- Cons: unable to recline seat, small canopy