They are the world's FIRST hearing protection earmuffs designed specifically for babies! Em's 4 Kids are a world leader in hearing protection ear muffs for children and babies.

This earmuff especially design for babies, it reduces high frequency noises and comes with an adjustable headband.

The strap is pink, but the muff is either white or black, depend on availability.

Retail Price IDR 450.000
1 week rent IDR 40.000
2 or 3 week rent IDR 40.000 /Week
4 week or more rent IDR 40.000 /Week
Monthly rent IDR 160.000


- Em's 4 Bubs earmuffs use an adjustable headband to hold the earmuffs in place,

  preventing uneven pressure being placed on the sides of your baby's head, like traditional earmuffs

- Soft velcro adheres to smaller adjustment tab to enable size changes

- The age range for Em's 4 Bubs earmuffs are from newborn to 18 month olds

- All headbands are interchangeable

- Weight: 100 grams

- Dimensions: 9cm High 7cm Wide